Next Scheduled Committee Meeting will be on:

Tuesday 8th May 2018 7.00pm in the communal chalet
Tuesday 18th April 2017 7:00pm in the Communal Chalet.
Tuesday 6th June 2017  7:00pm in the Communal Chalet. Postponed
Rescheduled Monday 19th June 2017 7:00pm in the Communal Chalet
Monday 17th August 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet

Monday 9th October 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet.
Monday 4th December 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet

If you would like to raise anything please Contact your Steward

Executive Committee March 2017 - 2018

Chairman Bob Disley 07908 482844 Plot B10 South Parks
Secretary Tony Wilcock 07964 853068 Plot 1 Stantaway

Minute Secretary:

South Parks Allotment Team Stewards
A Section: 
A Section:

B Section: Tony Mason 01803 615516 or 07376 199455 Plot B14
C Section: Vernon Sutton 07540 484600 Plot C14

Quinta Allotment Team Stewards
Kate Todd 07513 024877 Plots 14A & 14B
Pam Dommet-Moss 07948 201339 Plots 15A & 15B
Ian Simpson 01803 317792 Plot 8B

Beechfield Allotment Team Steward

Stantaway Allotment Team Steward
David Lane 07595 844982 Plot 3

Seed Secretary Rhian Poston Plot C19 South Parks
Show Secretary: Vacant Position