Next Scheduled Committee Meeting will be on:
Tuesday 18th April 2017 7:00pm in the Communal Chalet.
Tuesday 6th June 2017  7:00pm in the Communal Chalet. Postponed
Rescheduled Monday 19th June 2017 7:00pm in the Communal Chalet
Monday 17th August 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet

Monday 9th October 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet.
Monday 4th December 2017 7:00pm Communal Chalet

If you would like to raise anything please Contact your Steward

Executive Committee March 2017 - 2018

Chairman Bob Disley 07908 482844 Plot B10 South Parks
Secretary Gary Poston 01803 328343 Plot C12 South Parks
Treasurer Emma Newton Tel 01803 369183 Plot C3 South Parks

Minute Secretary: Denise Allcorn Plot A9 South Parks

South Parks Allotment Team Stewards
A Section: 
A Section: Jamie Thomas 01803 292697 Plot A16

B Section: Tony Mason 01803 615516 or 07376 199455 Plot B14
C Section: George Green 01803 322091 Plot C16

Quinta Allotment Team Stewards
Kate Todd 07513 024877 Plots 14A & 14B
Pam Dommet-Moss 07948 201339 Plots 15A & 15B
Ian Simpson 01803 317792 Plot 8B

Beechfield Allotment Team Steward
Julie Johnson 07926 212524 Plot 4

Stantaway Allotment Team Steward
Tony Wilcock 07964 853068 Plot 1

Seed Secretary Rhian Poston Plot C19 South Parks
Show Secretary: Vacant Position 

Are you ready to be an allotmenteer? If you would like to place your name on the waiting list for a plot please download the Plot Waiting List form below and either return by email or post, details of which are listed on the form below.


Plot Waiting List PDF

Please remember that we are only accepting applications from members of the public living in the TORBAY area.
Postcodes areas TQ1, TQ2, TQ3, TQ4 & TQ5  





Adopted at the AGM  30th March 2017

PDF File:   Constitution V9 2017
PDF File:   Member Rules V10 2017

PDF File:   Committee Responsibility's